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I have come to believe that Swingers are usually relatively not selective when they first become involved. People in the swingers lifestyle have been said to be in their 30s or 40s and have solid jobs and relationships - and disposable income, Lanzaratta said. Many say people who swing are very happy and content with their partners and are very confident and open about their sexuality.

Couples in the swingers lifestyle can be normal people just like you and me, but they are not judgmental, nor do they have prejudices of this kind. Many say couples in the lifestyle are forced out of fear to be closeted just as many gays and lesbians still are today.

Couples who swing are most likely to be their next door neighbors.  There are more swingers than many realize. Swinging couples claim to be suburbanite baby boomers with educations, careers and families.

The Swingers Lifestyle probably is attending swinging parties and exclusive events hosted by swingers. Many say This Lifestyle is about sharing the sexual fantasies together with your partner. According to some The Lifestyle's not for everyone.

The Swinging Lifestyle can be the alternative to enjoy as couple and also meet people who wants to share they pleasures with you. The Swinging Lifestyle definitely is a new and exciting adventure for many couples.

Swingers Clubs most of the time are found to be crawling with naked men and women walking everywhere with alcoholic drinks in their hands.