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Swingers are happier in their relationships than average non-swinging couples.

A form of socializing and recreation in a guilt free environment. According to many it's as broad and colorful as those who swing with it.

The Lifestyle's considered to be the best by some people and blamed by other people. In my opinion The Lifestyle's a process and giving your partner the freedom to explore the lifestyle at their own pace will be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams. The Lifestyle for Swingers absolutely is primarily a social activity.

Swingers Clubs most of the time are found to be comfortable environments where swingers can come to meet and chat with other couples with similar interests. Swinging clubs say they are at least extremely secluded. Swinging clubs claim to be much safer than any regular club. Lifestyle clubs are frequently public establishments or private and members only.

Clubs in The Lifestyle can be described as being vastly becoming a popular place for new and existing swingers. Swing clubs can be described as being a great way to interact with a select group of people without the fear of having your personal information revealed.