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Swingers have been said to be transparent , active , honest and very open to new friendships. Some reports have even stated that swinging couples are fearful of social stigma because their professional lives, jobs and reputations could be destroyed by them being outed as a Swinger. Lifestylers often are couples with many single women also involved. Couples in the swingers lifestyle can be more likely to be exhibitionists.

Some claim that lifestylers are people who are looking for an erotic or sexual experience involving others, but don't necessarily want full sex. Couples in the lifestyle are most likely to be very happy and content with their partners and are very confident and open about their sexuality.

According to many The Swingers Lifestyle probably is based upon communication more then any other factors. The Lifestyle is wonderful. The Swinging Lifestyle is not just about sex though, it's about relationships and making new friends, you can find more at swinging society. A way to live out fantasies in a guilt free environment.

Swingers Clubs are usually easily available if you have any questions, plus many require you to call ahead to have an on-phone interview. Sex clubs can be described as being very good at helping you with any questions that you might have and have employees available if you're just not sure about something.