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Swingers claim to be more likely to be exhibitionists. Some claim that people who swing are more likely to be married couples. Swinging couples behaviors just normal people. Swinging happens behind closed door, between consenting adults and is perfectly legal in most places. Some reports have even stated that people who swing are fearful of social stigma because their professional lives, jobs and reputations could be destroyed by them being outed as a Swinger.

Many say it's one that gives and receive pleasure. The Lifestyle probably is featured in a television or movie plot from time to time, it typically exists under the radar.

The Lifestyle's by no means the free-for-all orgy that one might envision. The Lifestyle's thriving, according to Terry Gould, author of THE LIFESTYLE: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers. I've often heard This Lifestyle probably is not for everybody and is still considered taboo in mainstream circles. It has freqently been said The Lifestyle likely is broad, and the types of people who participate in it vary widely.

Swingers Clubs are often feeling the negative effects from the sudden influx of voyeurs among their ranks.