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Swingers often say they are a little more likely than most to say that they are a part of a religious organization. Some reports have even stated that people in the swingers lifestyle are known to have a lower than normal divorce rate.

Thriving, according to Terry Gould, author of THE LIFESTYLE: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers. It has freqently been said This Lifestyle in a way is at its richest when it is expressed in a style in which the women are most comfortable.

The Lifestyle's ONLY for couples that are happy, committed and secure in their relationships. This Lifestyle can be described as a process and giving your partner the freedom to explore the lifestyle at their own pace will be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams. All about honesty.

Swingers Clubs seem to be filled with clean cut, professional men and women. On premise clubs can be extensively promoted on the internet. Lifestyle clubs most of the time are found to be legal in California. On premise clubs most of the time are found to be open to select single males sometimes.