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Swingers for singles article

Some claim that Swingers are highly educated and happily married. Many say couples who swing are forced out of fear to be closeted just as many gays and lesbians still are today.

The Swingers Lifestyle in most ways is for couples sharing sex with other couples or swingers as they are called. The Lifestyle in a way is about sharing the sexual fantasies together with your partner. The Lifestyle's intended for couples, and specifically for the women's pleasure. The Lifestyle's viewed as a shared leisure activity with others that is non-threatening to the primary relationship.

The Lifestyle for Swingers can be described as primarily a social activity. The Lifestyle for Swingers likely is featured in a television or movie plot from time to time, it typically exists under the radar.

Many say it's fun, and can actually help keep marriages together. The Lifestyle's full of insecurities, jealousy and uncertainties.

Swingers Clubs say they are establishments that provide a venue for sexual liaisons between couples and or singles.