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Swingers are in their 30s or 40s and have solid jobs and relationships - and disposable income, Lanzaratta said. Swinging couples are widely misunderstood. Swinging couples behaviors currenlty at the peak of their career. Couples in the swingers lifestyle are definitely generally filled with passion, excitement, and comfort.

Couples in the lifestyle often say they are highly educated and happily married. From what I can see it appears that people in the swingers lifestyle are in the same position now that gays and lesbians were not too long ago.

According to most it's intended for couples, and specifically for the women's pleasure. I've often heard The Lifestyle's ONLY for couples that are happy, committed and secure in their relationships. This Lifestyle can be described as wonderful. The Lifestyle for Swingers in a way is all about honesty.

Viewed as a shared leisure activity with others that is non-threatening to the primary relationship. The Lifestyle for Swingers in a way is an enhancement just as watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic story. In my opinion The Lifestyle's not meant for everybody, and pushing the issue if your partner is not open to it can do extensive damaage to your marriage. Many say it's its own pleasure, couples don't need to dilute it.

Swingers Clubs can be described as being nothing like the sports bars and dance clubs you've been to. Swing clubs seem to be at least extremely secluded.