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Some reports have even stated that Swingers are couples with many single women also involved. Lifestylers are more likely to say "Other" when asked about their specific religious affiliation.

People in the swingers lifestyle claim to be a little more likely than most to say that they are a part of a religious organization. Swinging couples behaviors widely misunderstood. Couples who swing are regular people like the postman or your next-door neighbor. Couples in the swingers lifestyle are most likely to be generally even more open about their sexuality than typical American swingers.

Many say it's by no means the free-for-all orgy that one might envision. Wonderful. According to many The Lifestyle's for couples sharing sex with other couples or swingers as they are called. The Lifestyle's not for everyone.

I've often heard it's at its richest when it is expressed in a style in which the women are most comfortable. I've often heard The Lifestyle for Swingers can be described as as broad and colorful as those who swing with it. The Swinging Lifestyle is for those whom are free spirited and open to try new experiences with very few restrictions. The Lifestyle's not for everybody and is still considered taboo in mainstream circles.

The Swinging Lifestyle probably is attracting younger couples in their twenties and thirties, as well as singles. The Lifestyle's an enhancement, not a solution. It's what you make of it.

Swingers Clubs say they are there for the enjoyment of being free and nude. Couples clubs are frequently legal in California.

Clubs in The Lifestyle most of the time are found to be very professional and discreet in their conduct. Swinging clubs are usually places to meet new people. Swing clubs are surprisingly organized as private events, or niche clubs with high popularity for their events.