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Swingers often are less likely to agree that the man should be the "achiever" and the wife should be at home. Some reports have even stated that swinging couples are regular people like the postman or your next-door neighbor.

Lifestylers often are just ordinary people with normal sexual desires just like you. Many say people who swing are normal people just like you and me, but they are not judgmental, nor do they have prejudices of this kind.

Couples in the lifestyle are most likely to be forced out of fear to be closeted just as many gays and lesbians still are today. Some reports have even stated that couples who swing are fearful of social stigma because their professional lives, jobs and reputations could be destroyed by them being outed as a Swinger. Lifestylers are more likely to be exhibitionists. People in the swingers lifestyle have been said to be just normal people. Swinging happens behind closed door, between consenting adults and is perfectly legal in most places.

It's probably one of the most varied on the planet. This Lifestyle is not for everybody and is still considered taboo in mainstream circles.

Many say The Lifestyle definitely is thriving, according to Terry Gould, author of THE LIFESTYLE: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers. The Swinging Lifestyle can be a reflection and extension of the deep-seated ways this culture constucts sexuality for both men and women. It's intended for couples, and specifically for the women's pleasure. It has freqently been said The Lifestyle definitely is something that couples can both enjoy together.

Swingers Clubs most of the time are found to be extensively promoted on the internet. Clubs in The Lifestyle are often easily available if you have any questions, plus many require you to call ahead to have an on-phone interview. Swing clubs most of the time are found to be open and need your support and attendance. Couples clubs can be feeling the negative effects from the sudden influx of voyeurs among their ranks.

Swinging clubs are surprisingly open to select single males sometimes. Couples clubs are usually not for everyone, but for those who are into it really seem to enjoy it. Sex clubs are public establishments or private and members only.