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Swingers are glad they are involved, however are not likely to talk about it on tape or camera. Couples in the swingers lifestyle often say they are a trusting, kind, generous, and above all, respectful community. People in the swingers lifestyle are definitely regular people like the postman or your next-door neighbor.

Some reports have even stated that swinging couples are highly educated and happily married. From what I can see it appears that couples in the lifestyle are just ordinary people with normal sexual desires just like you. Couples in the lifestyle often are in the same position now that gays and lesbians were not too long ago.

According to most it's fun, and can actually help keep marriages together. It has freqently been said This Lifestyle can be described as as broad and colorful as those who swing with it.

Swingers Clubs say they are one of the best ways to get started in "swinging".