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Some claim that Swingers are a trusting, kind, generous, and above all, respectful community. Some claim that people who swing are suburbanite baby boomers with educations, careers and families. People who swing have been said to be most welcome to nudist resorts. Some claim that lifestylers are currenlty at the peak of their career. Couples who swing are definitely happier in their relationships than average non-swinging couples.

The Swingers Lifestyle is primarily a social activity. A form of socializing and recreation in a guilt free environment. According to some The Lifestyle's for those whom are free spirited and open to try new experiences with very few restrictions. The Swinging Lifestyle in a way is as broad and colorful as those who swing with it.

It's free from a world of frustration and lost loves. Not for everyone.

Swingers Clubs most of the time are found to be nothing like the sports bars and dance clubs you've been to. Lifestyle clubs are usually there for the enjoyment of being free and nude. Lifestyle clubs are usually fun places with lots of conversation pieces to get couples talking, while also allowing some darker corners for more intimate interactions.

Swinging clubs are surprisingly organized as private events, or niche clubs with high popularity for their events. Lifestyle clubs are often establishments that provide a venue for sexual liaisons between couples and or singles. On premise clubs are frequently comfortable environments where swingers can come to meet and chat with other couples with similar interests.