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Swingers Personals

Definitions for Swingers

AC/DC ::
Bi-Sexual Person(s)

Arts ::

B&D or BD ::
Bondage and Discipline

Back Door ::
Anal Sex

BBW ::
Big Beautiful Woman. Larger than average woman that is very beautiful regardless of size or weight.

Bondage - Discipline - SadoMasochism

BI or Bisexual ::
Someone that enjoys sex with both men and women.

Bi-Curious ::
Someone that is curious, interested in or has had limited Bisexual experience.

Bondage ::
The practice of restraining a person(s) for sexual pleasure. ::

Can Entertain ::
Someone that has a private location and is willing to invite others over.

Can Travel ::
Someone that is willing to travel, generally beyond an hours drive.

Clean ::
Diseases and Drug Free

Couple ::
Two people, generally one male, one female.

CPL ::

Cunnilingus ::
Oral stimulation of the vagina/clitorus

DD ::
Clean, disease and drug free.

Discipline ::
Spanking, bondage or similar practice intended to arouse sexual desire.

DP ::
Double Penetration, simultanious Vaginal and Anal.


Entertain ::
Can Entertain

Exhibitionism ::
Showing off in public, involving nudity.

F ::

Fellation ::
Oral stimulation of the penis

Fetish ::
Sexual stimulation via non sexual acts or objects.

Full Swap ::
A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to AND including intercourse.

Gay ::
Homosexual, generally a male, but not always.

GBM ::
Gay Black Man

GWM ::
Gay White Male

Heterosexual ::
One who enjoys and has sex with only the opposite sex.

Homosexual ::
One who enjoys and has sex with only the same sex.

Hung ::
One with a large penis

HWP ::
Height/Weight Proportionate. Someone that is not overweight or underweight.

ISO ::
In Search Of

Lesbian ::
Gay women.

LTR ::
Long Term Relationship

M ::

MBC ::
Married Black Couple

MBiC ::
Married Bi Couple

Moresome ::
More than four.

MWC ::
Married White Couple

Off-Premise ::
A swing club or party where there are no designated locations for play. This may or may not exclude the activity from actually taking place.

P/P ::

S&M or SM ::

Safe ::
Someone that is not at risk for becoming or causing a pregnancy.

SBF ::
Single Black Female

SBiF ::
Single Bi Female

SBiM ::
Single Bi Male

SBM ::
Single Black Male

SGL ::

Sodomy ::
Usually Anal sex, possibly forced.

Soft Swing/Swingers ::
A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to but not including intercourse.

STD ::
Sexually Transmitted Disease.

STR8 or STR or Straight ::
Straight, a Heterosexual person.

Swap or Swapping ::
Two couples exchanging partners

SWF ::
Single White Female

SWM ::
Single White Male

Versatile ::

Voyeur or Voyeurism ::
One who enjoys watching.